Berlin-based  design  studio

TPPD creates optical and haptical experiences, aiming to put a smile on the faces of his clients and moreover their clients.

Summarized in a causal loop: rise in smiles = rise in sales = rise in smiles.


Thade Precht
Head of TPPD

Thade Precht is a versatile freelance designer and art director focused on product design, graphic design and web design. After graduating from Bauhaus-University Weimar and vocational stop-overs in Copenhagen and London, he moved to Berlin in 2008 to set up his design studio Thade Precht Playful Deisgn – in short TPPD. Since then he works for both national and international clients of different sectors.

From 2009 to 2011, he simultaneously became Co-Founder and Director of Modbird, an innovation-driven startup on modular electric guitars. From 2012 to 2013 he was “Lead Designer Product & Graphic” at the Berlin events agency faireurope Deutschland GmbH, where he worked for major clients such as Samsung, Vodafone, Air Berlin and Junkers. In late 2011, he founded Knot*Knot – a design label for fancily knotted cable products – that he still manages to this day.

In the zone
The studio of TPPD

Berlin is Germany’s creative boom town. Over the past years, the city has established itself among the the world’s leading design capitals, making it the ideal spot for TPPD, whose studio is located in the vivid Bergmann quarter in Berlin-Kreuzberg. On a neat little area of 90 sqm – usually working from dawn to dusk (yet sometimes the other way round, too) – TPPD constantly comes up with new ideas and concepts, always aiming for the next big thing.

The studio seeks and provides holistic answers to all questions in terms of innovative and playful design. First-hand, quick and professional. With high quality standards, scrutiny, painstaking finesse and a constant focus on the clients needs.


Brand  and  agency  experience

Samsung, Vodafone, Telefónica O2, Air Berlin, Junkers, Sartorius, Phoenix Contact, Carestream Dental,

HARIBO, Drei Magier, Kleine Prinzessin, DOCKLETS, TOPP Kreativ, Helles Köpfchen,

kilodesign, faireurope Deutschland, AVISOmed, imageHOLDERS, Retief Krige Industrial Design


We provide our services to around 30 long-term clients and counting.

The range covers toy, game, furniture and fashion companies as well as publishers, PR agencies and many more:



TPPD offers ideation and conception, product design, corporate design, graphic design and web design, as well as text and editorial support. In Addition, we offer all relevant subservices such as design research, design strategy, design expert opinions, naming, brand development, logo design, screen design, user experience design, user interface design, project planning and monitoring, product development, 3D CAD, 3D rendering, model and prototype making, packaging design, illustration.

Ideation & conception


Product design


Text & editorial services


Graphic & Corporate Design


Web design


Knot*Knot  for  all!

Our spin-off turns common cables into interior design objects and offers top-notch do-it-yourself knotting products.


Customize your cable!
More than 2.500 potential product variations

Dull wires running all across the room? Annoying clutter on top of the desk? So what! Our Berlin-based design label Knot*Knot offers a wide range of fancy cable products including computer-, speaker and lighting cables, extension cords and multi-plug connectors. Each item gets hand-braided with colourful high quality ropes, making the results both fresh and fashionable.

Visit Knot*Knot’s online store to easily compose your own personal product by picking your desired cable type, cable length, knotting style, rope type and rope colour. Once an order is being made, the swift hands of the team get down to work. Delivery time is usually about 2-4 weekdays. On request, we also offer to jazz up bundled cords as well as non-standard cable types and lengths.

In-topic paracord
Our do-it-yourself books & sets

Attention, DIY Fans: Paracord is a rugged yet lightweight kernmantle rope with ideal characteristics for tying, knotting and braiding. Originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes, today it is available in a huge range of colours and patterns. The website holds all the information about our newly licensed “Knot*Knot Supreme Paracord”.

Our DIY books “Knot*Knot Paracord”, “Knot*Knot Paracord Power-Knoten“ and “Knot*Knot Paracord Kids” show countless paracord ideas and models for quick and easy replication. On request, the books come signed by the author. Also, we have developed a line of 17 different all-in-one paracord bracelet sets. Each set includes instructions and materials to create three colourful bracelets in a whizz. All products are available in the Knot*Knot online shop.