“DOCKLETS” toy bricks 2016

DOCKLETS® Universal Set // The ideal starter pack: 44 DOCKLETS® toy bricks with illustrated step-by-step manuals for 4 easy to build animal models (guard dog, penguin, flying fish, night owl). ▼




DOCKLETS® Dinosaurs Set // For true dino fans: 40 DOCKLETS® toy bricks with illustrated step-by-step manuals for 3 dinosaurs (T. Rex, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus). ▼




DOCKLETS® Creepy Crawlies Set // Cute yet creepy: 50 DOCKLETS® toy bricks with illustrated step-by-step manuals for 3 different models (giant spider, giant snail, giant bug). ▼




DOCKLETS® Architecture Set // For both small & tall builders: 42 DOCKLETS® toy bricks with illustrated step-by-step manuals for 3 architectural models (bridge, stadium, cathedral). ▼




DOCKLETS® manual extracts ▼



Project data

Client beluga Spielwaren GmbH

Role Ideation, conception, product design, product development, model making, naming, logo design, graphic design, illustration, packaging design, text, advertising media design, web design

Photos Alex Tossi Fotografie, Berlin

Image copyrights © beluga Spielwaren GmbH, Zirndorf

Videos Der Filmschmied | Fritz Pflugbeil, Haarbach

Project date 2015-2016

Status In trade since 10/2016 | » buy here «

Project description

DOCKLETS® is a new system of building blocks for both small and tall builders. Thanks to hook and loop coins, you can build simple or complex three-dimensional models which are simply not possible with conventional building blocks. This hook and loop system also ensures unheard of flexibility between the blocks, which makes ergonomic shapes possible, as well as the recreation of movements. The bright contrasting colours of the hooks and loops make using the blocks very intuitive and make the products a real head-turner.

Appropriate illustrations and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions make building your model ideas child’s play.

DOCKLETS® promote the children’s development of creative abilities and spatial awareness. The blocks in all DOCKLETS® products are all compatible with each other. This means imagination and free play, in particular, are in the forefront, as well as the structural fun of building.


"European Product Design Award 2017" (winner)
"A Design Award 2016" (winner)
"Top 10 Spielzeug 2016" (nominee)
"Das Goldene Schaukelpferd 2016" (nominee)

Client description

beluga is a well-known German toy company located in the „toy region“ Nuremberg. Their range of goods mainly comprises wooden toys, plush toys and games, as well as licensing products from brands such as HARIBO and Janosch.