Handicraft block “Bastel-Kids”

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Project data

Publisher Edition Michael Fischer GmbH

Author Thade Precht

Role Ideation, conception, illustration, model making, text, naming

Image copyrights © Edition Michael Fischer GmbH, Igling

Editorial office Charlotte May

Cover design & layout Michaela Zander

Project date 2017

Status In trade since 09/2017 | » buy here «

Project description

Wonderful origami ideas for kids aged 3+: „Bastel-Kids – Papierfalten im Quadrat” is a handicraft block with 16 easy to do folding projects, including cute animals, practical boxes, speedy paperplanes and much more. Step-by-step illustrations as well as 48 ready-to-go paper sheets make this block a blast!

Hardcover, 128 pages
Format: 20 x 20 cm

German edition: ISBN 978-3-86355-789-8

Client description

The Edition Michael Fischer offers a wide range of fancy and high quality books for the modern handmande generation.