Pocketbook “Super, Papa!”

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Project data

Publisher frechverlag GmbH

Author Thade Precht

Role Ideation, conception, text, naming

Image copyrights © frechverlag GmbH, 70499 Stuttgart

Illustrations Isabel Große Holtforth

Product management Katrin Hartmann, Stephanie Iber

Editorial office Claudia Lötschert, Neuss

Cover design & layout Claudia Adam

Project date 2016-2017

Status In trade since 09/2017 | » buy here «

Project description

I bet not! This book holds 192 pages with 333 simple and cool tricks to fight boredom: from body tricks to handicraft projects, games, puzzles and awesome recipies. Become a super hero in the eyes of your kids again and again! Whether in a restaurant, on the train, during a rainy afternoon or on extended weekends: for every potential boring situation, you are given the right trick.

Pocketbook, 192 pages
Format: 16 x 21 cm

German edition: ISBN 978-3772477836

Client description

The publishing company frechverlag is Germany's market leader in the field of creative free time books. Via its book brand TOPP, the company presents various DIY trends.