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„A’ Design Award 2017“ for DOCKLETS® toy bricks


Praise in advance for this summers product novelties of our DOCKLETS toy brick system: All three theme sets (Robots, Horses, Maxi) have been awarded the Iron A’ Design Award 2017 in the category of “Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design”. The A’ Design Awards are the world’s most influential and largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. Click here to find out more about the project and the award.

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DOCKLETS wins silver medal at „2017 European Product Design Award“


We’re pleased to announce that DOCKLETS has received a silver medal in the category Toy Design / Construction Toy at this years European Product Design Award. The award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with a practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy – the latter hitting the mark on DOCKLETS* Further information here.

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DOCKLETS® hook & loop toy bricks – now available!


The waiting has an end: TPPD’s hook and loop powered DOCKLETS® for Beluga Spielwaren GmbH are now available via TOYS”R”US, JAKO-O and ROFU. Companies such as MYTOYS, SPIELE MAX, VEDES, BABYMARKT, KARSTADT, METRO, REAL,- , AMAZON and also a wide range of medium and smaller specialist dealers will follow shortly.

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DOCKLETS® nomitated for „Das Goldene Schaukelpferd 2016“


All good things come in threes: after receiving the „A’ Design Award“ and being nominated for „TOP 10 Spielzeug“, our DOCKLETS® toy bricks have now been nominated for „Das Goldene Schaukelpferd 2016“. This prestigious consumer award for highly original toys is annually granted by the journal familie&co and the DVSI (Deutscher Verband der Spielwarenindustrie). Until July 1st,

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DOCKLETS® website live!


Our latest project for Beluga Spielwaren – the DOCKLETS® hook and loop toy bricks – will be coming to stores in August this year. Until then, there’s plenty of time to have a look around the new microsite www.docklets.de which holds all the information about both the DOCKLETS® concept and products.

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DOCKLETS® nomitated for „TOP 10 Spielzeug 2016“


TOP 10 Spielzeug“ is Germanys leading sales promotion campaign regarding toys and leisure products. The Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels (BVS) selects the annual highlights together with the „TOP 10 Spielzeug“ jury. The jury members are all toy and leisure experts and in leading position at one of Germanys big toy chains and unions (idee + spiel, SPIEL & SPASS, SPIELZEUG-RING, Toys R Us, VEDES). Winners will be announced by November.

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„A’ Design Award“ for DOCKLETS® toy bricks


We are pleased to announce that DOCKLETS® Toy Bricks have been awarded the Iron A’ Design Award in the category of Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design by the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.

The A’ Design Awards are the world’s most influential and largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. Click here to find out more about the project and the award.

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Beluga & TPPD present new toy line DOCKLETS®


At Toy Fair Nuremberg, the beluga Spielwaren GmbH presented their latest toy line DOCKLETS® – developed by TPPD from ideation until final production. The launch is scheduled for August 2016.

DOCKLETS® is a new system of building blocks for both small and tall builders. Thanks to hook and loop coins, you can build simple or complex three-dimensional models which are simply not possible with conventional building blocks. This hook and loop system also ensures unheard of flexibility between the blocks,

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HARIBO wooden toy line – now available


The wooden toy line “HARIBO”, designed by TPPD for beluga Spielwaren GmbH, is now available. Further information here.

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DVD cover design for AVISOmed


TPPD designed the cover and label of AVISOmed’s latest educational film “Silent legacy or coincidence?”, which was produced for AstraZeneca GmbH and the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation. Language versions: German, English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic.

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DVD cover design for AVISOmed


TPPD designed the cover and label of AVISOmed’s latest educational film “Alles im Fluss”, which was produced as part of the “ACTION” campaign carried out by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gefässchirurgie und Gefässmedizin (DGG).

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Launch of the first HARIBO wooden toy line draws nearer


At this years Toy Fair Nuremberg, beluga Spielwaren GmbH officially presented a HARIBO wooden toy line designed by TPPD. Wooden toys are a novelty in the licensing lineup of the German sweets group HARIBO. For the beginning, the series comprises eight products from different toy and game divisions. Further information soon.

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