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Relaunch Helles-Köpfchen.de


Helles-Köpfchen.de is one of the most popular German kids and teens websites with own search engine, counting approx. 200.000 million monthly visitors. The site offers editorial contents as well as online games and an extensive community. For its publisher Cosmos Media, TPPD carried out the reconception and redesign of the whole site, resulting in a clearly structured, fresh and modern responsive webdesign. After long waiting, the site has finally been relaunched: www.helles-koepfchen.de

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Knot*Knot cable configurator update


Knot*Knots online cable configurator has been extended by euro extension cords and euro feed cables as well as four new rope colours. Thus the number of individual configurations is now up to 2.500!

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TPPD with new responsive design website


Following the new TPPD logo, here comes the new TPPD website: modern responsive web design, new works, in-depth project details and a separate client page. Enjoy!

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Knot*Knot redesign


TPPD redesigned the Knot*Knot website, amongst others with new letterpress, new images and revised texts. The online shops cable configurator has become even more user friendly. And the shops product range has been extended, so that customers can now order the DIY books and the DIY paracord bracelets.

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Brand development for artiva Sports GmbH


TPPD’s Portfolio now shows an overview about the brand development for artiva Sports, originated as „Lead Designer Product & Graphic“ for faireurope Deutschland GmbH. The photo shows a group of runners at this year’s TUI Marathon Hannover, where artiva acted as exclusive outfitter.

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Web design & editorial design for artiva Sports


artiva Sports offers high quality customized sportswear including jerseys, pants, merchandising equipment and more. The services of the young Berlin company include individual design and marketing strategies for sports such as running, cycling, football, handball, basketball and volleyball. TPPD carried out the conception, design and editorial for their recently launched website. More information here.

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Prosperous start for Knot*Knot’s new online shop


We are happy about the large response regarding Knot*Knot’s new online shop for fancily knotted cable products. Prospective buyers can choose from an extensive range of custom-made itmes by picking their desired cable type, cable length, knotting style and rope colour. All press links can be found on Knot*Knot’s Facebook page.

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Brand development for Knot*Knot


Boring cables everywhere you look? Time for a change! TPPD’s Berlin label Knot*Knot now offers a wide range of cable products hand-knotted with high quality ropes. Intense colours and different knotting techniques make them a bold statement in contemporary interior design. More images and information here.

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Modbird website online


In just two clicks, the “Essential Modbird Guitar Generator” on www.modbird.com will give you a playful idea of what we’re up to. Via Facebook and Twitter we’ll keep you informed about the process of development. More information here.

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